A Filipino’s Guide to Understanding and Applying for an E2
NON-Immigration Visa

us investor visas

Filipinos who want to move to the USA from the Philippines can obtain a US investor visa like the E2 Treaty Investor Visa . This visa grant allows citizens of an E2 Treaty Country like the Philippines to move to the United States easily. Dependents, such as an applicant’s immediate family, will also benefit from the advantages of the E2 visa.

To successfully be granted an E2 Non-immigration Visa, applicants must invest a substantial amount – usually in excess of $100,000 (P5,500,000) in either an owned or franchised business in the US. Unlike other US investor visas like the EB5, the E2 visa does not have a minimum requirement for the number of jobs that must be created. It is a great and popular way for Filipinos to start their life abroad securely and legally. 

The E-2 is a nonimmigrant visa which allows the E-2 Treaty Investor to move to the US to develop and direct the company. Every entry on E-2 visa gives a full period of two years of authorized stay. 


Benefits of acquiring the E2 Visa

E2 visa holders and their family units are granted numerous key advantages.

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E2 Visa requirements

Filipinos can meet the E2 investment requirement through the following:
  • Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Properties
  • Valued physical assets
us investor visas

Remember that the E2 program is flexible with its minimum required investment amount. Investors can obtain approval for E2 visas with a lower amount if their business is considered substantial and reasonable. They are also encouraged to invest their business in the United States with the right business plan. This includes taking present day trends into account, creating realistic expectations, and creating a confident and consistent financial model. Hiring a good law firm to help with creating a decent business plan case will improve your chances of getting approved for a visa significantly.

You should also keep in mind that investing more than the minimum amount in a crucial industry may be required. In both cases, such investments are closely evaluated before the investor is granted the visa.

Financial and legal concerns with acquiring businesses

While simple enough to pull off, it is still crucial for the interested investor to plan for the business they want to invest in. It’s recommended that applicants work hand-in-hand with the best immigration professionals and E2 visa lawyers to secure the right decisions with this endeavor. Davis & Associates have the right people for this kind of work. Their job is to help clients move to the USA from the Philippines properly, while giving them the aid they need to acquire or start a business in the US.

While D&A is not a business brokerage firm, we maintain working relationships with leading business brokers who will be able to assist in locating the best E2 qualifying businesses trending within the country. We can also assist you with issues concerning franchise acquisition/ownership as well as long term tax concerns.


Why make Davies & Associates Your E2 Visa Application Legal Partner

Davis & Associates attorneys partner with professionals to better help their clients use business plans made with immigration and the consulate’s approval in mind. Our team speaks Tagalog and is ready to assist you with your E2 Visa application. We file these kinds of visa applications directly with the US consulate in Manila. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is not involved in the process and you can expect faster results compared to applying without legal help.

The right immigration attorney can also aid in easing the process if you happen upon one (or several) that specialize in E2 visa applications and has limited or no denial history. If you require one, Davis & Associates can help you out.