Is a Filipino E1 US Visa Right for You?

An E1 Treaty Trader Visa is a non-immigrant visa classification for Filipino traders that allows them to gain easier access to the United States so they can conduct and manage their business smoothly.



E1 Treaty Trader Visas allow Filipino traders or businessmen to enjoy the following benefits:

Paolo DomingoPaolo Domingo
07:19 04 Jan 23
5 stars and a high five! Thank you Verdie and Etta for assisting us with our change of status application. They were very professional and accommodating with all our questions and concerns throughout the process. Despite the time constraint, we pulled it off and we could not have done this without you guys! Keep up the good work!
Jean ZhuJean Zhu
01:49 17 Dec 22
Alex call me and I had a very pleasant talk with him on the phone regarding E2 visa to USA. He is very nice to work with!
Amandeep SinghAmandeep Singh
11:59 10 Dec 22
I had talked with Alex Jovy, he was very quick to respond, had a lot of useful information which I was not aware of. Took time out of his day to discuss my situation and was very helpful. They go into a lot of detail which other companies do not. Overall a great service!
Eduardo SalvoEduardo Salvo
16:26 25 Nov 22
I received an world-class help in how to immigrate to the USA succesfully!Alex was very open to answer my questions and is definitely a professional in what he does!Strongly recommend this firm.
18:28 04 Oct 22
We were in a hurry and Verdie and the team were highly responsive and supportive, even when we threw in some curve balls along the way. We had our visas approved without any issues and felt confident and well prepared for document submissions and the interview. I'd certainly recommend this team for an E2 visa process.
Requirements and benefits of US Visa

Requirements for the E1 Treaty Trader Visa Program

For you to qualify for an E1 Visa, your business should be Filipino-owned by at least 50%. It should also be able to maintain a significant volume of transactions in the United States, with at least half of the business being run there. 

To show that your business qualifies you for the Visa, you must provide a detailed and thorough business plan which will win the approval of even the toughest and most meticulous immigration and consular authorities. This is a critical step as this will make or break your chances of getting an E1 Visa. 

The business plan should clearly explain the concept of your business to help the authorities fully understand what you are bringing to the industry. It should also show a comprehensive plan and long-term growth and expansion strategies. 

In short, your business plan must establish that your business is reliable, credible, and able to provide relevant and consistent products or services over a long period of time.


Why Choose Davies & Associates as Your E1 Treaty Trader Visa Application Partner?

If you are a Filipino looking to set up your business in the United States, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the country’s complex and changing immigration laws. Davies and Associates can help you navigate the process and set up your business in America.

Davies & Associates is a specialized immigration law firm that provides solutions to help business owners like you establish or expand in the United States. With the help of our lawyers and a specialist team of business analysts, we can assist you in preparing a business plan that will ensure the successful application of your E1 Visa.

We are well-versed in the specific procedures in various embassies and consulates worldwide. In the 10 years we have been providing assistance to businesses like yours, we have yet to have any E1 Visa applications denied. Our expertise in immigration laws and regulations, extensive experience, and attention to detail equip us to represent you properly and effectively.

Now, you can take the next steps to set up or expand your business in the United States. Contact Davies & Associates today to get started by processing the appropriate type of Visa to the US.